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Scam Callers Strike Again

13 Jul 2018 02:00

This week I talked to several people who each paid $2,000.00 or more to scammers. Over the past two or so years we’ve had countless numbers of people come through our doors telling us how they’ve been scammed by foreign callers claiming to be from Microsoft. Usually the amounts have been in the $200.00 range. […]

I Hate Algorithms!

12 Jul 2018 01:07

Algorithms have to exist, but I can still hate them. They’re used anywhere and everywhere big data (or any data for that matter) exists. Basically, they have to. But I still hate them, and for good reason. The word is thrown around everywhere but nobody really explains what an algorithm is or does. Quite honestly […]

We Take Customer Data Seriously

6 Jul 2018 02:14

Every now and then I attend virtual conferences of other computer repair shops to bring myself up-to-date on industry trends. During last week’s meeting I was shocked to learn most repair shops, including large chains, don’t take the time to backup customer data unless they’re getting paid for that service. Pretty much everyone attending thought […]

It’s Time To Go Solid State

4 Jul 2018 19:25

When it comes down to streamlining your computer’s performance nothing beats a solid state drive or SSD. Storage devices are the bottleneck of any system’s speed, and forcing data to read and write to a mechanical device wastes a ton of time. SSD technology has no moving parts which reduces the time it takes reading […]

5 Things I Would Never Do With My Smartphone

28 Jun 2018 01:18

“I use my smartphone for most things,” the 7 words I hate hearing the most when a customer comes into one of my shops. Why? Because I know smartphones do many things, but there are at least 5 I know they can’t. For the sake of full disclosure, I use my cell phone for many […]

Gaming Disorder Exists. Really.

25 Jun 2018 02:50

I’m not a psychologist and have zero background,except a required Psychology 101 class I took almost 30 years ago. But I believe I could have written all of these classifications. Actually, anyone with an adolescent male gamer in the house could have written them. Saturday afternoon ended a week of odd events. For some reason, […]

Yup, We Can Fix That

22 Jun 2018 01:41

As a business owner she appreciated the piles of junk and ancient relics I keep in the store. I'd never worked with her, but she came to us after being turned away by one of our regional competitors. I'm not going to lie, I would have been much happier working on a brand new computer. However, knowing I was able to finish a job my competition turned away will allow me to sleep very soundly tonight.

The Tariffs Are Coming! It’s Time To Buy New Technology

21 Jun 2018 03:26

I'm not into politics, but with all the tariff stuff going on around the world this is the time to update equipment. If you've been on the fence about replacing an old piece of technology, this weekend may be your last time to catch a deal.

I Designed a Website Like a Pro

18 Jun 2018 03:37

Oh, the frustration of designing your own website. You'd think I'd be able to design a website by hand, from start to finish. Though I completed my task (very well I have to add), I don't have much hair left from pulling it out in utter disappointment every time something didn't go right.

The 6 Most Common Student Computer Repairs

5 Jun 2018 01:19

This is officially the time of year we service the most student owned machines. Yup, all the kids are home from college so they can afford to be without them for a bit to have repairs done correctly. Following are 6 of the most common repairs we perform over the summer.   Virus removal. Even […]